The Land Where People Walk Backwards


They walk around backwards everywhere they go

They are bumped, they are bruised, they are scarred and broken

And why they walk around backwards, they don’t know

They stumble and they stagger into one another

They trip and they tumble and they all fall down

There’s a dangerous cliff that they cannot see

And a lake at the bottom where the people drown

It seems that they’ve always walked around backwards

They were backwards born, they are backwards grown

The little children learn it from their mamas and papas

And they’re reluctant to leave what they’ve always know

Some did worse and some did better

They all got by in their backward town

They all feared the cliff and the lake below

But the people would fall and the children would drown

Then a stranger came to town and to them he walked… backwards

Strangest sight you’d ever see

But he had no bumps, no scares, no bruises

And he says this is how you were meant to be

If you’ll just follow me, if you’ll just turn around

You will see where you’re going, you will not fall down

And you’ll have no fear of the cliff and the lake

And you’ll not tumble in and you will not drown

But the people got afraid and the people got angry

When he said, “Come follow,” everyone refused

They all got together and they ran away the stranger

And they still get broken and scared and bruised

But some I am told heard the things he said

There are forward footprints in the town

And they stand at the cliff with the words of the stranger

“You’ll do fine if you’ll just turn around”

There still is a land where the people walk backwards

They walk around backwards everywhere they go