Stephanie and Thatcher

Back on March 23 of this year (2002), I played for a weekend gathering at Sharp Top Cove, a Young Life camp in Jasper, Georgia. The occasion was the annual Family Camp for families from Northwest Atlanta.

On an only-in-Georgia- kind-of -beautiful Saturday morning, while eating breakfast with a few hundred others, a girl and boy, mid 20-ish looking walked into the dining hall after the meal had begun. They went to the table beside the one I was eating at, where their parents were seated. The girl knelt at her father’s chair, hugged him, and cried rather uncontrollably. “Glee” hardly describes the mood at that table. Come to find out, the parents of the couple had come to camp that weekend because they knew that the fellow was going to ask the girl to marry him. Stephanie and Thatcher are to be married next year.

After breakfast, I had an hour or so before I had to play at a morning meeting. I wrote this song for that couple and sang it for the camp gathering. Stephanie was not there so I sang it later that night for her.  I told Stephanie that I’d try to put the song here on the site and asked that she maybe give some background of her own. Here’s her story, in her words.

“Once upon a time …

Although Thatcher and Stephanie grew up in neighboring towns, were involved in some of the same activities and shared a lot of friends, God only allowed their paths to cross in His perfect timing.

After spending a month working a ropes course at Wildhorse Canyon, a Young Life camp in Oregon, Stephanie stopped by Randy Eberhard’s house to share her stories. Randy is the area director in Northwest Atlanta and a close friend to both Stephanie and Thatcher. Randy convinced Stephanie to call Thatcher in order to sign up for a ropes wrangling weekend at Sharp Top Cove (wink, wink). Thatcher was on the student staff in Randy’s area and hosted and trained often at Sharp Top. The two made contact and arranged to meet that weekend at camp for ropes training.

Due to late church meeting in Athens, Stephanie arrived at STC after 1 a.m.. Being unfamiliar with the camp – especially in the dark – Stephanie prayed out loud for the Lord to lead her. She walked to the only room in the camp that had lights on and (in God’s perfect plan) was greeted by Thatcher. The two walked around camp for hours that early morning sharing their life stories and, yes, falling in love.

Sharp Top became a sanctuary for them – a place they would serve on the weekend and also bring their club kids from Woodward Academy.

During Northwest Atlanta’s family Camp the following year, Thatcher asked Stephanie to be his wife. She said “yes!!!” On the top of the mountain that overlooks camp, Thatcher gave Stephanie a ring that includes the diamond from his mother’s wedding ring. The two ran back down the mountain to their families and many friends to share the news. Their wedding is next April (2003) and they will live happily ever after.”


She woke up not having an idea

But he know what he’d come here to do

For her it’s a Saturday morning

For him it’s a dream that’s come true

God gave him some wonderful weather

God gave them a beautiful place

God gave her a love for forever

And tears on her beautiful face

They’ll remember this sweet day forever

That’s the way it’s supposed to be

A morning in March on the mountain

When he said “will you marry me?”

We woke up not having an idea

Of what this sweet day has in store

For us it’s a Saturday morning

There’s a chance that it’s meant to be more

Cause God put the big blue sky above us

And HE calls all His children outside

He’s down on His knee with a question

If we listen with hearts open wide

We’ll remember this sweet day forever

That’s the way it’s supposed to be

A morning in March on the mountain

When He says “will you marry me?”

BRIDGE: Their days took a turn for the better

Well they might as well burn the old map

Their whole lives got changed with an answer

Their kaleidoscopes just took a tap

They’ll remember this sweet day forever

That’s the way it’s supposed to be

A morning in March on the mountain

When he said “will you marry me?”