Everything is Going to Be Alright

On the third day of our stay in Mexico, we woke up to pouring rain. It looked like our work day would be one of mud and chilly wet. At breakfast, Bill Goans prayed that we might have a clear day for work. i recall his specific words, that God owes us nothing and that we would worship Him regardless of the answer to our prayer. But, Bill went on, since we’re asked to let our desires be known, we would ask for a dry day. Within minutes, the sky was clear and blue. i wrote the song that afternoon.


Well the rains came down, I hardly slept at all

It would stop and start, I thought the tent would fall

And when I walked this way, daybreak at six o’ clock

I never would have thought that I would see it stop

You see, my faith gets weak at times my heart is slow

Slow to believe the things that I believe I know

And then a brother says, bow your heads to pray

And in a little while, we just had to say

You say, everything is gonna be alright

I know that every little thing gonna be alright

I know the sky will open big and the sun so bright

I know that every little thing is gonna be alright

It’s just a small request, it’s just a simple prayer

But we are slow to ask as though we doubt His care

The Giver wants to give, the Giver wants to bless

And yet he tells us “ask” and share our hearts’ request

And if it had not stopped, I hope I still would believe

Because I know He gives what’s only best for you and me

He walked through water then, He moves the water now

And He’ll do what He wants with all those morning clouds

Everything little thing’s gonna be alright

I know that everything’s gonna be alright

You see the sky did open big and the sun came shinning bright

And I can say every little thing’s gonna be alright

Show us a good day…