Edge of Night

A couple of years ago, I met Dave and Tracey Meeks when I was in Baltimore. They are the kind of people you instantly fall in love with. Despite the fact that Dave was already battling a brain tumor, he and Tracy were vibrant, grateful, encouraging, and a joy to be with.

In November ofTracy and Dave Meekslast year, I got word that Dave’s health was declining and, like many of you perhaps, stepped up my prayers for this good friend. For the next few weeks, I kept tabs on Dave’s condition, which continued to worsen.

In January, I was writing a new song about coming back home after being gone for a long stretch. The song was about driving late at night and into the daybreak, heading west to east as the sun starts to rise. The skyline of home comes into view. Darkness to daylight; the strange to the familiar. ….

As I was writing the song, it occurred to me that the song was more Dave’s than mine. I’ve only sung it once, when I was in Baltimore a few weeks ago (Feb. 2001), and share it here as a tribute to a wonderful man.


Eastbound highway, gold in the moonshine

Won’t be much longer, till the first morning light

Road weary warrior, you’re heading for home now

Sun rises gently at the edge of the night

You’ve traveled a hard road, always felt like a stranger

But faith gave you laughter and grace for your fight

But somehow you knew it, you were not made to wander

You’ll see the skyline at the edge of the night

Tired old soldier, lay down to sleep now

You’ll see the skyline at the edge of the night

Head up to heaven with your sweet crooked smile

Just a few miles more, you’ll be there in your hometown

Out of the shadows and into the Light

An angel will kiss you at the edge of the night

While another will miss you at the edge of the night

What a beautiful skyline at the edge of the night …