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Update on Gary, August 29

The following message was supposed to be put on the blog last week (8/21) but, due to technical ineptitude (mine), it wasn’t. Since it still remains pretty much the status of Gary’s treatment and condition, I’ll post it as is, with this quick footnote. Today, 8/29, was Gary’s 10th radiation session which means that we’re […]

Update for August 12 (sorry for the delay)

Years ago, on one of the occasions that Gary was preparing to return to Afghanistan for missions work, a friend gave out small smooth stones, about nickel-sized, to remind folks to pray for him while he was away. The idea was that we’d keep them in our pockets or purses, or on our work desks, […]

Update for August 3

Just a quick update to let you know that Gary will begin radiation therapy for his tumor in the next few days. Not sure at present what the regimen will entail or what schedule we’ll keep but i’ve cleared my calendar for the next couple of months so that i can be with him full […]

An Update on Gary

Friends, Here are emails from the past week concerning Gary’s illness. They read from most recent back. … Best regards, allen July 30, 2011 (5:15 a.m.) Good morning friends, It’s been a week, a long, trying, emotional week since we learned of Gary’s condition last Saturday. As I write this he is in the hospital […]

A Word About My Brother, Gary, and a Favor Asked

            Some of you know that a group of men meet at my house every Thursday morning to pray, to study the Bible, and to organize for involvement in our community. That gathering has, for all intents and purposes, been my church life for the past ten years or so, since […]

Facebook (a new song)

Click here —  Facebook — to hear song. You still out there? After this long, long absence on my part? I’ve got several blog entries in the works, just some simple reflections inspired by summer moments at home – and will be posting them on consecutive days very soon. i’m also working on 8 or 10 […]

Remembering Dr. Martin, my old professor

i don’t usually write letters to people expecting that i’ll put them on the blog, though a couple have ended up here. A few months ago, one of my college professors died and i wrote a letter to his wife. … With the end of the school year fast approaching, i’ve been thinking a bit […]

The Problem with Immigrants

You might know the story. Once upon a time there was a king who, like kings of that time, had a harem of women to call upon at his pleasure. Among the harem was one woman of particular beauty, a woman who had won a place in his palace by being deemed most beautiful in […]


February 20, 2011 I just got home from Longstreet an hour or so ago. … Several years ago, when I interviewed Deacon Shorty Floyd, then 81 years old, for the “People In My Town” CD, he shared with me that he could not read. (To learn more of him, and to hear him speak and […]

Excoriation and Two Conversations

January 9, 2011 excoriate |ikˈskôrēˌāt| verb [ trans. ] – to formally censure or criticize severely: the papers that had been excoriating him were now lauding him. I have been excoriated from several quarters lately for the seemingly unbreakable habit of inattention to my blog. I want to do better, really I do, but, as […]