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Update on Gary and a Father’s Day Memo, June 17, 2012

Today is Father’s day. Gary has been in bed now for several weeks, mostly sleeping but also looking out the window and tolerating our best efforts at turning, cleaning, caring for him. He is not conversational but does respond with head nods and an occasional word or phrase. His grip is impressively strong (we spend […]

An Update on Gary, May 10, 2012

      Following Gary’s MRI a week ago, we have now received the unhappy but not altogether unexpected news that his tumor shows “significant progression.” You might recall that, for about 6 months, the tumor has been stable and has shown no signs of growth. We had been told all along that the tumor […]

Easter Day 2012

The morning — alive, celebratory, hopeful — seems appropriate to Easter Sunday. A hundred shades of green, a slight haze, the call and response of birdsong, blue sky, a sunrise and a moonset, and cool breeze all speak of Life, in bold letters. (The picture to the left was what i saw from the porch […]

Midwifing the immortal

People have said, on a number of occasions recently, that we (Dad, Mom, myself) are doing an admirable job of caring for Gary. And i am grateful that, due much more to their efforts than mine, the statement is pretty much true. But, in a spirit of full disclosure, and to prevent any mistaken sense […]

Christmas day thoughts from an Inmate, and an update on Gary

Some years ago, shortly after i’d left law practice to try my hand as a full time singer songwriter, i had a conversation with an old friend, a thoroughly suburban fellow who understood the business of music.  He was very encouraging, spoke favorably of my meager musical and lyrical abilities, and gave me reason to […]

Update, Thanksgiving day 2011

When i went to Afghanistan for the summer a few years ago, i took a guitar with me, thinking that the unfamiliar, impoverished, Eastern way of life might be grist for an interesting batch of new songs. And i was partially right; there was a trove of inspiration. But what i experienced there was so […]

Update of Gary, October 19

We had a good rain last night, with brisk winds, that might well bring the first big downfall of autumn leaves in the next few days. This is usually my busiest travel time of year, which means that time at home, in the past, has been shared with time out of town. This year, I’ll […]

Update and letter from Gary

September 23 It was two months ago yesterday that we learned of Gary’s brain cancer and, in two more days, he will have completed the radiation and chemotherapy regimen prescribed to deal with his condition. He’s tired, weak, and forgetful, but delightful company just the same, and good laughter has been a part of everyday. […]

The Story of Two Brothers, A Tribute to Gary

This recording is from the last concert i played, a month ago, after deciding to cancel most of my autumn schedule so that i could be here with Gary. …  i hesitated to perform it for fear that it might be inappropriate to impose my situation on an audience that had come to be entertained, […]