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Reading Backwards

For the past couple of years, when Park Elementary School is in session, i read with a little boy named Demarcus on Thursday mornings. Sometimes we go to the library, sometimes to the teachers’ lounge, sometimes to a random place on the hallway floor. Demarcus, a second grader, is a good reader. To hear him patiently […]

Holding a book … So, this is what it feels like?

November 25, 2015 Earlier this afternoon — day before Thanksgiving – i held for the first time a copy of The Last Sweet Mile, a book about my brother Gary. When i started writing it 18 months ago, i was not setting out to write a book. Rather, i simply wanted to compose a letter […]

A Silent Season, and an ask for forgiveness

i know …  It’s been a while.  A long while.   … Recently, i received a letter from a good friend who expressed concern for my state of heart and mind, a “haven’t-heard-from-you-in-a-long-time” letter. With her permission, i’m posting my response in case others might wonder if i’ve fallen off of the earth. Thank you […]

Closing a Chapter …

August 16, 2012 The kindness of friends allows me to sit seaside on the east coast of Florida this morning. i have been here for a few days alone, with a front porch 50 paces from the Atlantic, and have made use of this most ideal setting for reading, praying, thinking, and napping, all of […]

Gary Levi, 1957-2012, Finally Home

We have wondered for some time now, weeks at least, what Gary is capable of seeing. From the outset of his cancer season, we’ve known that the brain tumor was compromising his ability to see. We have reason to believe, even now, that he has some vision left. Tonight, after a long, hard, tender, sweet, […]

Update, July 18, 2012

As i write this, Gary is sleeping soundly just a couple of feet away from me. i just sang him a song, in little more than a whisper, that is sometimes sung at the church we attend: “glory, glory, hallelujah, since i laid my burden down glory, glory, hallelujah, since i laid my burden down. […]