About Allen

Since 1996, when he left thirteen years of law practice to pursue music full time, allen levi has presented thought provoking programs for hundreds of thousands of people across the U.S.

He has played for audiences of all descriptions, sharing a colorful and sometimes whimsical perspective on life through songs that celebrate the small moments of everyday experience. His music offers a reflective and unhurried consideration of our accidental roads, our happy lightenings, our open windows, the people in our towns, the movement of our moments, the games we play and the things we are leaving behind.

allen grew up in Columbus, Georgia, where he worked for 10 very full-time years at law practice before taking a two-year sabbatical, in the early 1990’s, to receive a masters degree in English literature from the University of Edinburgh, Scotland. He returned to three years of part-time law practice before venturing into the life of singer/songwriter. He presently lives in Hamilton, Georgia, population 420 or so.

When not traveling, writing, or recording, he enjoys reading, tending his bee hives, working around the acreage where he lives, talking to his dog, visiting with neighbors, and volunteering in a number of ways in the local community. Every Thursday, he reads to school children at Park Elementary School.

allen has 15 CD’s of original material and hundreds of unrecorded songs to his credit. He authored Oliviatown, a children’s’ book inspired by his song of the same title. In addition to his work as a singer/songwriter, allen is a sought after speaker.

He loves his Lord, his family, children, friends, dogs, songbirds, and work.

Allen and Gary

Allen and Family