A Tribute to Todd Edwards

Todd Edwards, a native of Atlanta and Young Life’s area director in Augusta, GA, died on June 8, 2000.  Over the last few years, Allen and Todd had the opportunity to co-labor together through the ministry of Young Life.  The below is a memorial written by Allen and is followed by a song he sung at Todd’s funeral).

Todd Edwards

“Kindness was the currency with which he bought our affection. Laughter was the language that he forced us to speak. He was gentle-man at its best, and boyishness in all its charm. His soft-spoken, slow drawl was disarming, and his grin was an irresistible invitation to feel better about everything.

He was one of those rare souls whose mere presence improved everyone around him. i never heard him speak an angry or unkind word.

He was a terrible dancer but i never saw anyone try harder or enjoy failure more.

Love for and devotion to Jesus Christ was the defining force of his life. He made God, the things of God, and the truth of the Gospel “look good.” He lived to make the love, the sweetness, the forgiveness, the goodness, the hope, the joy, and the vastness of holy faith known to everyone he met.

He was a fool for Christ.

He was my friend.

Todd Donald Edwards, i, and all of us who were your friends, ‘really, really, really love you.’

Welcome home.


(For the memorial service of Todd Edwards, June 12, 2000.)

We’ll miss his gentle speaking, we’ll miss his boyish grin

We’ll miss the way he made us laugh, he sweetly took us in,

We’ll miss his clear example, of just what it means to care

His love of simple pleasure and a realness that was rare

He was always somewhat playful, always daddy’s pride and joy

Somehow both a man of God, but always just a boy

We’ll miss those roles he played so well, the caps and khaki pants

We’ll miss his choice of phrases, and the way he tried to dance

We’ll miss the way he touched us all, but we know he’ll touch us still

His memory lives so clearly, as good memories often will

 And God’s peculiar timing, does seem curious at best

 But even boys who love to play need somewhere they can rest

i see him now still playing, in fields of great delight

A boy beside his mother, jam up and jelly tight