A Flower After All

This song was inspired by a weed. On the very mild winter days that i’ve been at home this year, and with the arrival of spring 2000, i’ve been working outside quite a lot. The work is solitary and is fertile ground for thought. The words of this song grew out of my reflection about and are addressed to a recalcitrant weed.


i know i did not plant you,

i would gladly watch you leave,

You’re every gardeners’ nightmare,

A most unwelcome weed.

You’ve dodged the clouds of poison,

And the round up you’ve survived,

Despite my cruel treatment,

You are very much alive.

A nuisance and a bother,

And intruder on this lawn,

You just want to touch the sky,

And i just want you gone.

You’ve made it through the wintertime,

The ice and bits of snow,

You seem to have one purpose,

And that purpose is to grow.

But now i look more closely,

To find petals very small,

Those blossoms make it clear,

That you’re a flower after all.

So i’ll leave you now to be yourself,

i’ll put away my spade,

When i see you, i see me too,

How much alike we’re made.

i’ll learn from your example,

And i’ll believe that it is true,

i’ll dig my roots down deeply,

Knowing i’m a flower too,

Now i look more closely,

To see petals very small,

Those blossoms make it clear,

That we’re both flowers after all. ….