Gary Levi, 1957-2012, Finally Home

We have wondered for some time now, weeks at least, what Gary is capable of seeing. From the outset of his cancer season, we’ve known that the brain tumor was compromising his ability to see. We have reason to believe, even now, that he has some vision left.

Tonight, after a long, hard, tender, sweet, sad day of obvious decline in Gary’s condition, we pulled up the shades of the westward facing porch so that we could watch a Harris county sunset together. From where we sat, green pastures, the still waters of our pond, trees in full foliage, and the house that Gary lived in before he became ill were visible.

We think that Gary saw the sunset. His eyes were sleepy but open and the evening light was strong.

If he did, it was his last in this world.

And we can only imagine what sort of sunrise greets him this morning.

Gary Carlton Levi, born June 30, 1957, went home — to his true home with Christ — early this morning, July 22, 2012, a day prior the the one year anniversary of his brain tumor diagnosis. He died at the farm, surrounded by those who knew him best and loved him most — Dad, Mom, Beth (with Greg and Aron), Linda (with Kevan), Laura and me. Just as we had been all day yesterday, we were close beside him, assuring him that we would be here till the end and letting him know that we love him enough to gladly let him go when God called him. After a bout of troubled breaths, he became quiet and slipped away from us.

Of course, our hearts break. The world seems strangely deflated already without Gary in it but we are hopeful and grateful just the same. None of us will ever look at his world quite the same. Something momentous has been taken from it. And none of us will never look at heaven the same. It will forever be the place, going forward, where we will find our dear brother and son again.

We are not certain yet about when the memorial service will be but will post something here as soon as plans are finalized.

Thank you for standing with us through such a long difficult journey. We will forever be your debtors.

Someone suggested last night that, as Gary approached his end in this world, i was standing beside him as his best man, helping him prepare for his wedding day. It has arrived. Gary was ready.

“Who gives this man to be married to the Maker of the Mountains.”

“i do, dear Lord.  …   i do.”