The Story of Two Brothers, A Tribute to Gary

This recording is from the last concert i played, a month ago, after deciding to cancel most of my autumn schedule so that i could be here with Gary. …  i hesitated to perform it for fear that it might be inappropriate to impose my situation on an audience that had come to be entertained, maybe only entertained, at a celebratory black tie event. On the counsel of pianist Dewayne, and following the lead of my heart that it might be forgivable and maybe even helpful to inject a sobering reality onto the canvas of the evening, i played the song. It was the last song, number 7, of the evening. Most importantly to me, it made Gary happy. …  i am very grateful for the Springer Opera House and their gracious staff for allowing me to be part of the very special evening, and for an audience that listened with their hearts. i hope you enjoy the song.