Facebook (a new song)

Click here —  Facebook — to hear song.

You still out there? After this long, long absence on my part? I’ve got several blog entries in the works, just some simple reflections inspired by summer moments at home – and will be posting them on consecutive days very soon. i’m also working on 8 or 10 new songs to post on the blog in August as I’ve done for the past couple of years.
At the request of Sue and Melvin from San Antonio, who I recently met at Laity Lodge in west Texas, I made this simple recording of a song that I sing a cappella in concert from time to time, usually while I’m changing guitars, tuning strings, or simply want to vary the sound palette a bit. It was written a couple of years ago when I first became aware of Facebook (after about a half billion other people in the world had already found it).

The song is true. I really am on Facebook, though I rarely visit the site and don’t quite know how to navigate my way around it. And this little tune is not meant to be a jeremiad lamenting the good old days of letter writing and face-to-face conversation. It’s just a poke at our present obsession.

I do see the benefits, the splendors even, of social networking, But i wonder if it doesn’t also have its limitations and dangers (captured perhaps in a statement that a friend made this past week, one of praise for the miracle of technology, about going to a crowded Starbucks where everyone was interacting with a device, “it was quiet as a library.”) For me, Facebook puts a spotlight on many aspects of the human condition: our desire to belong to something big, our hunger to be heard, our determination to be unbounded by time and place, our wish to have some record of our lives, our longing for relationship. Those desires and yearnings are all good, healthy, even God-given. I’m just not sure that Facebook is the highest, best, most lasting way to fill them.