Just a quick note

i’m not sure if i’m on a set practice of adding to my blog every Sunday (a doubtful possibility at best) but i’ve made it a part of the past two weekends and thought i’d impress some of you skeptics (that’d be you Ben May) by making it three in a row. Problem is i’m not sure what to write. So, here’s a quick week in review …It included 3 nights in Asheville (spending time with good pal Nate, while his parents, David Wilcox and Nance Pettit are on the trip overseas), a lunch with 2 Furman University students (one from my hometown who inspired a song last fall, “You’ve been cursed with a daddy who cares”) while en route from Asheville to Greenwood SC where i played my first gig of the year on Friday night, a hospital visit in Atlanta to welcome young Landon Clark Murray to the world (he arrived on friday), and some hours late Saturday afternoon planting long leaf pines in the pasture in advance of rain that started last night and has fallen all day. Church gathering this morning, lunch with brother Gary and then quiet afternoon that included reading of Praying for Sheetrock which was on my kitchen table when i returned home yesterday afternoon. So much to be thankful for. So very much.