Song for the day, My Lines

sunsetMY LINES

Well, here we are at number ten of ten. Thanks for spending some of your time with me as i’ve posted these daily tunes. i’ve been encouraged by your notes and emails and am hoping that maybe i’ll do something like this again in the future. If i can figure how to make them downloadable, i’ll do that since some of you have asked for copies of the songs.
Today’s song is actually an old one, old enough to have been recorded on a cassette tape some years ago. … A couple of years ago when John Scott Evans (guitarist) and i were playing a lot of gigs together, we recorded a bunch of soft songs and hymns including this one, that ended up in a drawer. My neighbor, Donna, reminded me about them and suggested that i put one of them on the website. So here’s one of those, one that seems to capture what has been and continues to be true about my 53 years. The title comes from a Psalm of David, number 16, in which he observes that “the lines have fallen for me in pleasant places.”
You’ll figure out quickly that “My Lines,” like much of what i write, is a celebration of small things that, taken together, add up to a whole life. The moments described are simple ones, ones you’ve probably experienced, but i’ll tell you a bit about
the moment that inspired the last verse.
It was a beautiful springtime day. The family, all of us including the nieces and nephews who had been born by that time, were at the farm for Easter (i think). There was a windy day and we were flying kites. Christina’s got away from her and floated to wherever runaway kites go when they get their freedom. She chased it on her little 5 or 6 year old legs (a heartbreaking sight), realized that it was a hopeless pursuit, and sat down in the field and just had a good old cry. “It’s hard to watch her learn the truth/ that life is tough.” i guess we’ve all had our version of that moment – the runaway dream, the one that got away, the loss that seemed so unfair, the cry for the unretrievable – but, for many or most, maybe all, of us, we can render this verdict: the lines have fallen for me in pleasant places.
Maybe we can’t believe that now, but someday – if we’ve been to the Never Empty Table and the Ever Open Door – we shall.
i’m glad that the lines for me somehow include you.
Be in touch, ok?