Song for the day, Church of the Fully Fallen

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This song is a bit earthy but it is a slice of reality that i encounter from time to time in travels and in life at home. …
Some years ago, I played at a Valentine’s banquet at an inner city church in Atlanta. It was located in a low income, high crime area of the city. The ministry, now moved to a nearby warehouse, is called City of Refuge. It is a remarkable work headed up by Pastor Bruce Deal (
When I first played at COR, in their old location, I sat with Bruce before the concert began and let him tell me a bit about his work there. He simply looked around the room and told me stories about the people sitting there – a table of people all infected with AIDS, a table hosted by a former prostitute for her former clientele, a table of people who had been helped through addiction to crack cocaine. Theirs was a reality far removed from my own and I was a bit curious about whether the songs I sing would connect with that group. But connect they did, in what was one of the more memorable evenings of my musical life. It was a room of fully fallen sinners, but sinners who knew something of grace. Places like City of Refuge, as well as some AA gatherings that I’ve attended with friends, were inspiration for this song.
Truth is, of course, that every church is filled with fully fallen people. It just seems a bit more evident and indisputable in some places than others. And I don’t suggest that a church is any more authentic because it is filled with people with lots of baggage. Even a church filled with well educated, disciplined, responsible, pleasant and respectable people is, when seen through the lens of perfection, a congregation of the fully fallen.
If you’re curious about the reference in the song to the alabaster jar, take a look in your Bible at Mark 14:3-9.

“These are people who need not be told of their failure,
That’s a doctrine they know very well,
In the Church of the Fully, Fantastically Fallen,
Love and forgiveness prevail,
Jesus’ love and forgiveness prevail.”