Song for the day, Proposal

dad and mom weddingPROPOSAL (A LOVE SONG)
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Years ago, if memory serves me correctly, I read an article written by Elizabeth Eliot. Her father, she wrote, had advised her brothers that a young man should never tell a girl he loved her unless and until, in the next sentence, he was prepared to ask the girl to marry him. Her father, apparently, wanted the young men to have a sense of just how meaningful, how weighty, how full of commitment the words “I love you” are. To use them apart from the promise that they imply – the promise to be faithful and deeply committed to the one loved – would be potentially dishonest, dishonorable, careless and unkind. It is thought-provoking and wise counsel, if difficult to follow.
A lot of years have intervened since i read that article but, for some reason, the idea of writing a song about it never left me. In going through my book of song ideas, i came across this one and decided to give it a try. Today’s song is the outcome of my experiment.
So imagine … you’re the young man. You’ve heard and followed your father’s advice. You’ve met and spent time with the girl; y’all know each other well by now. You’ve held back on speaking the words until you were willing to follow them with a marriage proposal. You happen also to be a songwriter. Here’s the song you write to ask her to marry you.
i’ll confess that it felt a bit funny to put myself in that young man’s place (this is, after all, a younger man’s song), but the hopeless romantic in me found it kind of sweet too.