Song for the Day, Never Empty Table …

never empty table

To hear the song, click on the title (above, in green). You’ll be taken to a page with a music icon on it. Click on the note and the song will launch.

Good morning all. And thank you for listening. It sure is encouraging to this small time songwriter. Really …

i still write and forget lots of songs. By all accounts, i should have forgotten this one long ago, given that i’ve only sung it once.
It was written years ago when I was visiting with the Bonness family, good souls and dear friends in Overland Park, Kansas. At the church gathering on Sunday morning, i was asked to sing a song before Communion. I didn’t have a Communion song at the time, but i did have a short while before the service began. A usable draft of “Never empty Table” got written and was sung that morning. I don’t believe that I’ve ever sung it since then. This recorded version is, i think, a bit different than what i sang that day, but only a little.
Not much to say about it except to state the obvious; it draws on the scene at which Jesus initiated the Lord’s Supper and washed His disciples’ feet. Most notably, it reminds me that the meal still goes on, in some way always will, and that ones like myself — sinful, selfish, slow — are still welcome. The Table is still full. The Door is still open.
“In this room that’s full of welcome to the last and to the least,
There is hope of finding fullness as Love offers up the feast,
There’s a cup of satisfaction, but it leaves us wanting more,
From the never empty table and the ever open door.”

Greetings Bob, Chris, Sara, Laura and Daddy Bob. Hope y’all are well.

(The photo? The Thursday morning men’s group that meets at my house every week. Ten years now. A never empty table.)

Tomorrow’s song. “Proposal.” A love song.