Song for the day, Artificial Ocean (the seagull song)

Artificial Ocean

To hear the song, click on the title (above in green). You’ll be taken to a page with a music icon. Click on the note and the song will launch.

Good morning and thanks again for listening. i told you yesterday that i’d have a communion song today. i can’t get it to upload (yes, i am actually doing this myself) so i’m putting up a different selection. i’ll get the problem figured out and have “Never Empty Table” on the blog tomorrow. …

Some of you might have heard “Artificial Ocean” in a concert during the past year or two.
It was inspired in a parking lot, a large grocery store parking lot, a parking lot, acres big, in Georgia. The season was winter. The weather was drizzly. It was the last place in the world that you would expect to see seagulls. But there they were. High, high, high above the parking lot. Flying in wide, looping circles.
When I saw them, I asked the obvious question. What are seagulls doing here? Not just here in Georgia, 200 miles from the ocean, but here above a large parking lot on a drizzly winter night?
Obviously, they were lost or disoriented, far from home. Maybe they were trying to find their way back to where they belonged. And maybe, just maybe, when they saw that expanse of open area, with the sheen of water glimmering under the street lamps, and a car or two that might have looked like little boats from way up there, maybe it all looked so familiar that they imagined they’d found their resting place, their destination, their homeland.
In case you wonder, the song is hardly about seagulls. It’s about folks like us who, in the course of looking for our True Home, settle for parking lots, for second best, for counterfeits, for smoke and mirrors.
Lord, save us today from our artificial oceans.