“They’re bringing in the goldenrod”

           That’s what Mrs. Betty Beegle told me this week when I called her with a question about my beehives. “Right now, they’re bringing in the goldenrod.” She meant that the bees are gathering pollen, for their winter food store, from the goldenrod which is presently at bloom in our county. And once the fact was pointed out to me i seem to see the wildflower everywhere.

           There was such a kindliness in Mrs. Beegle’s words, as if she was just bringing me up to speed about some of our neighbors, as if she was pleased to report that they’re doing well and all in good health. And she referred to the goldenrod as if it were pure treasure, a local delicacy, the main float in a Macy’s day parade. The image to me – honey bees and goldenrod — was that of a thousand messengers with vases of yellow flowers. (… Do I hear another verse for “Coins of Gold”?)

           Funny how a small comment can make the world seem alright. Headlines today are full of gloom and doom, politicians are finger-pointing and blame shifting, and the international worry index seems to be hitting all time highs. But I hear, and take comfort in the small but happy news that, in my neighborhood, all around me by the tens of thousands, they’re bringing in the goldenrod. It might be small news, but, rightly understood, it’s good news, and makes me thankful to know souls