New CD Nearing Completion

              I’ve spent much of last week on the pleasant task of finishing the CD begun back in February. In what can best be described as alchemy (‘transformation of base metals into gold”), Ben Shive of Nashville has done wonders, with the help of friends there, to the tunes we chose to work on for this still-untitled album. …  Ben has been sideman for Andrew Peterson for several years, is a married father of four, is remarkably musical and, much to my delight, is a skilled wordsmith. Check him out at and particularly his new CD, “The Ill-tempered Clavier.” …   The tracks we’ve been working on are now being mixed and, we hope, will be all done by end of July and available shortly thereafter. I really like the way the songs are coming together. They’ll be mostly brand new (having never or only once or twice been sung in concerts) and i am looking forward to sharing them this fall. When I gave the songs to Ben, they were like threadbare children. They’re dressed up now in a way to make a daddy proud. Stay tuned.