Work and Waterbugs

Reporting in from summer at home. Every day i’ve spent at least a couple of hours outside doing manual labor. Can hardly wait to get out there each hot afternoon. Today’s (Saturday’s) to-do list, read as follows: cut sweet gums (meaning, using lopping shears to knock down a thick growth of saplings, hundreds of them, just west of my house in what should be a pine thicket; a task that has already taken days and will take a good number more), move stumps behind house (meaning just that, moving oversized firewood stumps that have been piled up behind my house for a couple of years; maybe 20 of them), weedeat for Dad at their house, cut and split firewood (meaning the continuation of chainsawing a downed red oak tree into firewood length and splitting pieces with a maul), and trim vines around the house porch. …  By 5:00 this afternoon, i had cut sweetgums for a couple of hours and pretty much finished with the cutting and splitting of firewood.  …  i’m exhausted and happy. Seems like pretty uneventful work to write about but, really, it is as satisfying as writing a song. Maybe you can explain it. … 

   Interesting image: splitting firewood in the suffocating heat of June. …

  The forest is good company to keep and full of the noticeable.

              A line of poetry, fresh read, by Wendell Berry stands out to me:

              “I sing

              Where the water striders walk like Christ,

              All sons of God.”