A Meaning of Marriage

Caleb married Amanda yesterday. My nephew has a bride, she a husband. At the rehearsal on Friday night, brother Gary and i played a song written just for them, in which we excommunicated Caleb from the BOB, the Brotherhood of Bachelors. It was, fear not, a happy song. In the course of typing it up on the computer, i accidentally hit a wrong key. …  It’s interesting how the mistaken word is sometimes so much more appropriate or descriptive than the one originally intended. i meant to type “wedding” but got “weeding” instead. It seems to fit pretty perfectly. Marriage is a garden, a more complete human, in the making; from the outside looking in, matrimony is a tool, a good one, for exposing, rooting out, replacing the unfruitful with something good. I’m praying that these two find the work pleasant, rewarding and as painless as possible. Thankfully, the weeds are young ones and, hopefully, have shallow roots