Quick thanks to folks who shared Saturday and Sunday evening with Bebo Norman and myself in Columbus. Columbus is where both of us grew up. Hamilton is about 20 miles north of there. The River Center for the Performing Arts is a remarkable venue. Fill the room with people who love one another, who love the same things (which just happen to be the right things), and who listen with their hearts and it’s hard to have a bad night. Bebo accurately pointed out though that playing for hometown people is a bit unnerving because they’ve grown up with you and know so much about you. The typical scenario of “blow into strange town and look your best for a few hours before blowing out of it again” doesn’t work very well when you know you might bump into many of those same people in your day-to-day stay-at-home life. The folks we played for this weekend though, knowing as much as they do about us, are forgiving, gracious, and were delightful to be with. If you happen to have been one of them, thanks much.